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  1. would u hit it or not?

    ewww LOL
  2. Yeh done it ages ago, bring it to Kew vic rds the guy will hoist the car up and look over the whole car. 2 engineers ,abt a few they tell you to come back in couple hours as they do a report on the car it's like getting a RWC done.
  3. If you were me

    far too old.
  4. My Widebody S13 project

    very nice
  5. Car got seized by police last night..

    Since you have no prior good chances of getting the diversion consent, but then again depends on your matter.
  6. Car got seized by police last night..

    There’s a few just depends on you plight, well Apology to Victim, Awareness Course, Community / Voluntary Work , Compensation / Costs / Restitution, Counseling / Treatment , Defensive Drivers Course , Donation and Letter to informant. The Judge at court will decide but that’s all it consists of.
  7. Car got seized by police last night..

    First offence you can apply for a "Diversion Plan" which is applicable for first time offenders meaning that there is no record of the matter even appearing in court. Thats only if the informant agrees to the diversion notice.
  8. Car got seized by police last night..

    i think it was 2 or 3 months in advance notice, is this you first offence ?
  9. Car got seized by police last night..

    summons can take up to 1 year, if it comes after 1 year your fine.
  10. underbelly

    My mates got all nine as well , gonna watch it soon. haha
  11. come on guys no more , nisil post more you make my day buddy .