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  1. new fron newcastle

    you need 100 posts before you can start selling, just a heads up
  2. The new guy

    welcome, post some photos up
  3. pretty sad to hear what happend, a go goes banana;s thinkin his the joker, and hurting many innocent lifes and killing a fair few aswell. wonder what the hells happening in america these days...
  4. The Football Thread Continued

    yep he is, heard he got fined 80k for not going on tour with the rest of the squad, and 15k a day for everyday his on strike. let the guy go already, he wont win anything there with tottenham, also looks like adebayor would rather stay at man city then take a pay cut at tottenham.. good game between chelsea and psg.. first half was a bit slow but the 2nd was much more better
  5. Breaking Bad

    first episode of season 5 was glad its back
  6. Hello from UK, S15 Silvia owner

    welcome, good to see someone from another country besides australia, nice lookn s15 with some tasty mods loving the rims too !
  7. New guy, Sydney, type x 180sx.

    welcome put some pics up of your pride and joy
  8. The Football Thread Continued

    would be a good signing, one to keep for the future, big things from this kid
  9. The Football Thread Continued

    found out today i think he could be off to everton, but not too sure. good luck to him
  10. Steam holiday sale

    good old steam sale, never fail to impress
  11. i recon best game lookn forward to atm.. should get around to pre ordering mine soon well worth the wait hehe
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    michael owen going into retirement if he cant find the right club ?? i think he should just hang up his boots, his done his time playing football
  13. Breaking Bad

    that guy is a crack up, lol at his funny commericals and the price of his fee's lol, best show out by far on tv atm