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  1. Lost Camera at Calder

    ask Calder office yet ??
  2. Someone just got lucky?

    "weee, i glued myself to ..... myself !!! "
  3. Road or grip - yes , drift - no. I had one of those in my car but regretted as soon as i started drifting
  4. what u get for xmas?

    no pic soz , racers don't need gf !!! kakaka
  5. what u get for xmas?

    i got a girlfriend for Xmas !! beat that
  6. calder 19th dec

    i thought it wasn't that bad tonite. Got Chris at the Beginner section which was quiet and i shredded my first pair of tyre in 30 mins. Went to the main track later on and the flow was good as usual ( delayed because of 3 cars spun off the track).
  7. calder 19th dec

    just called , sounds like no tyrechanger this evening. Make sure you have your own tyres ready on wheels
  8. calder 19th dec

    lol will the tyre changer be there this time ???
  9. Calder Drift Practice Re-Scheduled

    Will the 19th Calder still on ???
  10. d1 event line up

    I can imagine this VC will slide close to the Monaro and calmly headshot Bolger with his rusty AK47 in the final and take the title
  11. Computer Stores In Melb

    make sure you call to check if they have stock before hand !
  12. Welded diff

    my r33 diff got shimmed by RE Custom in Springvale for
  13. DNF got an R33?

    hey man, if you can drift a R33 , you can drift anything else. Silvia ??? pfftt , too many of them on the drift track now
  14. DRIFT SKILLS 2 (Beginers day)

    my last subject ever, can't afford to fail this time. I swear i 'll never go back to uni again
  15. DRIFT SKILLS 2 (Beginers day)

    bah, i would 've joinned but got exam on the 8th