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  1. dont be silly, 180 or s15... sheesh come on! ditch the 180, spend a bit of the money on from the sale of the 180 on mods for the s15 -fmic -injectors -z32 -pfc & tune it'll cost u less thank 3k and u'll be looking at roughly 190-200kw slap a turbo and cams to match and then ur laughing 230-250kw!! (add roughly another 2k)
  2. Vu i wont be suprised if they start sending you a monthly defect in the mail. they seem to be cracking down in springy something shocking now, westall rd especially! Its a shame though, theres a couple good TMU blokes @ springy station, i wont comment on the rest.
  3. 10" rims on a s15? hahaha your dreaming Dreaming??? I run 10" +32 on the rear of mine Stock gaurds lipped back no dreaming here: i had 10" @ rears too +34 9's at the front +24 also stock gaurds, only rolled at back (no lip/flare) INX75Y: my advice for you is stick to quality parts, dont skimp on cheaper alternatives! good luck with it all and make up a build/mod thread so we can all watch ur car evolve
  4. the huge drop in value of the s15 was one of the turning points for me to sell my car. seeing the prices that some are going for now is gut wrenching! eg the stocky blue s15 for 21k in the forsale section! happy i palmed mine off for 30k!
  5. u'll b fine, just dont let them run under pressure. higher chance of the tyre coming off the bead watch out for the gutters too
  6. Rays 57S Pros TITANIUM

    hot rims *drools*... but for street nah too much for street i think. almost tacky if its daily driven. also, contrast against black isnt as nice as with white. the lighter colors fair much better with the ti finish. good luck with it mate!
  7. The Aftermath

    look at it this way, you have an excuse to buy new rims now! i'd roll those rims down a hill and never look back!
  8. Mmmm nice work man, just slightly mehico IMO would look fkn shithot with bolt on flares and lowering. any plans for further guard work ? agreed. could of played with the offset a bit more and ended up looking micky mouse! i had same rims & measurements but different offset on my 15
  9. tough pick, i ended up voting for nigels ride. it was between him & ichigo's for me. the FD looks hot but didnt vote for it because this is www.nissansilvia.com
  10. H3 Hummer cop car (pimped)

    ^^ spot on H3 are nasty. they look nice in pictures. but whne u go look in person sit inside and test drive... bah all of its appeal is lost! gangsta fad car. i laugh when i see people driving them on the roads now. so impractical!
  11. ive seen it around man the guys gf i driving it now looked stockish, mint condition
  12. first of all good calculations, but this would be more attractive for the blokes paying 2k, 3k. 10% off their premium would be a nice bonus! ohh and for those who are interested when i did try at JCI rating 1, 23yo, agreed value 30k, mild mods, few speeding fines = $1650 JCI's policies are pretty woeful mind you. shannons ftw!!
  13. S15 prices

    +1 i have a black adm, see for sale thread link in my sig. advertised it on tues this week (carsales) and had a deposit for it by friday if u have a good example then u will have no problem selling it. look out for the low ballers with no money lol
  14. i experienced this when i had crappy and mismatched tyres (fronts different to rears) so get some decent tread and keep it the same front n rear then get wheel alignment
  15. what ever it cost to get a ECU with map sensor eg pfc d jetro + sensors is around 1300