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  1. my 180sx

    so my 180sx arrived in november 2013, its black with gold drift teks, sr20det with Garrett GT28R turbo, full FMIC setup, radiator, fuel pressure regualtor, r32 brakes all round, ISC coilovers, tie rods, a phantom boost gauge, D1 spec deep dish steering wheel, gizzmo boost controller, and some aftermarket front bar currently looking into a new radiator and boost controller, along with hydraulic handbrake as its for a drift car
  2. my 180sx

    Minor update Picked up some 5 stud gear, trust oil cooler and relocation kit, and started fabbing up new rad brackets and a new front mount support, also picked up a cusco bolt in cage. Car hasn't seen much sun in the past year unfortunately, but, the parents are moving out in the coming months so should be coming together a lot more soon!
  3. S13.80

    Sounds good bud!, will be keen for some pics
  4. Body kits in SA where?

    Give sleeka spares a sus it's where I go for all the stuff for my 180
  5. my 180sx

    Got it from sleeka spares, would highly recommend them, I think I paid around $500, I'm not exactly sure
  6. my 180sx

    So some more parts arrived the other day: ultra racing fender braces and c pillar brace and a d1 spec quick release also a gktech tie rod bar brace thing Have only installed the quick release and c pillar brace so far
  7. my 180sx

    Have done a bit of research and I haven't found any simple ways of doing this the way I want it so I'm just going to run my pod filter while its daily driven then do this once it's made into a track car
  8. hankook semi slicks and buddy club seat

    Hey man the buddy club seat still available?
  9. Wrecking SR20 DET 180sx

    Hey man any stuff from this still available?
  10. my 180sx

    So it's proving a bit hard to get a mock up of what I want the set up to look like. The panel the fuse box sits on in just behind the passenger side headlight, needs to be cut out, and reinfoced, the fuse box needs to be relocated, and a bracket needs to be welded into that panel, so I can place a panel filter into it, then, fab up a pipe to go straight to the turbo snout With a duct going from the front bumper straight to the panel filter This is what I'm aiming for, but it's going to be interesting considering the hot side piping for the intercooler still needs to be able to go through there easily, and there isn't much room there as it is, so gonna hope something works
  11. my 180sx

    So thinking of ditching my pod filter intake setup, in favour of a panel filter. What I'm thinking is, that because the hot side intercooler piping is interfering with the current intake piping, to ditch the intake piping, and mount a panel filter in the front bumper just behind the passenger side air vent, with a custom pipe going up to the turbo snout
  12. ~WIDEBODY S13 SLR2000~ Version #3.. SLR3000

    Japanese import spares in Adelaide have the bus I thermostat and I'm pretty sure have an n1 water pump in stock too sus out their website will ship to you
  13. my 180sx

    Yeh well I'm only 17, don't have much money considering all my I come comes from working at maccas, so yeh I'll probably just end up fixing it I reckon, and as for the rear subframe, a new one will probably be better than trying to fix it, and besides would be a lot of fun, and I can just chuck my adj arms on that one instead of putting them on now
  14. my 180sx

    So progress on the 180 has been put on hold I have found what I believe to possibly be structural damage, the rear frame rails have rust and it's not just surface rust it's just after the rear wheels Also on the drivers side, I'm pretty sure it's where the rear lca connects to the rear subframe, the rear subframe has snapped around the rear lca mounting point Not sure if this is worth fixing it just re shelling so advice would be appreciated, pics can be posted upon request
  15. my 180sx

    Haha yeh man no way am I cutting them, I'll just use them for track days and stuff haha
  16. FS - S13/180SX Parts - S.A

    Hey man sent you a text
  17. my 180sx

    Haha cheers man, they are a favourite of mine as well, considering they stick out 8in I probably won't drive with them on the street
  18. my 180sx

    So got my radiator, also picked up a turbo timer and pressure gauge have fender braces and a c pillar brace also on order, also picked up a custom exhaust also made up a bracket for my kill switch
  19. Cruises/meets

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows of any cruises or meets in Adelaide, would be much appreciated if you could post details up here, thanks
  20. Cruises/meets

    Thanks heaps man just keep me posted with anymore you hear about
  21. I live in adelaide just out of the cbd What's your number? I'll pick up I want just the sparco wheel of it's still available?
  22. Sparco wheel Steering wheel spacer And clear guard indicators I'll take Chuck me your number and I'll pick up
  23. RC Drift Car

    What suburb roughly is it in?
  24. RC Drift Car

    Would you take cash if I was to pick up?