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  1. been awhile. blew the motor up. (head gasket, replaced that. turbo upgrade to td06, melted a piston, built a forged engine made 293kw) redid the engine bay put a greddy intake on as well as the greddy turbo looks fkn sick now..
  2. Estblshd just released a feature on my 180 http://www.estblshd....e-the-grey-area
  3. Well the door trim is fixed as well as it can (the black bit is abit loose causing the issue. Will need to replace the door card at a later date to make it nice and tight. Next on my list of things to do is the low fuel warning light on my dash. The light is there just need to hook it up to the fuel pump assembly.
  4. yeah just the idiot upholster that did it before didnt put enough glue on just the edge not that noticeable but it is to me.. i can fix it. i'll do it tomorrow. and yep headlights work really well. its a momentary switch so it either goes in bursts so sleepy eyes or hold it up and it goes all the way up then stops. then on the other switch hold hit down until they go down or in little bursts.
  5. so i finally got motivation to start finishing off the little bits and pieces ive neglected to do since building the car..First on the list was the headlight motors. Id tried when i first did the wiring and thought id screwed up (i hadnt infact id done it right but the left motor was burnt out and didnt work). So i wired the headlight motors up to 2 momentary switches and mounted them on the dash in the carbon blanking plate. Once id finished tried the switches and only one side worked...id wired it up correctly.. so i went and bought another motor. I put it all in and it had play....so i pulled the motor apart and found the disk/cog was shattered in 4 pieces....so i pulled my old one apart and moved the cog from that to the new motor. Once it was all in i finished wiring up the wires and it works Next on my list of things that bug me.. interior trim fix - some of the material is pealing away from the half arsed job the upholster did initially on the retrim.. stereo install - sub and amp/inclosure to be installed.
  6. That and it includes 3rd party insurance unlike down here. heres a pic of my old 180
  7. also went to a type x meet in melbourne. Was good having so many of them together
  8. Some recent pics from a car show i entered. The 86 next to it we helped build won best of show. also got myself a window banner now
  9. VicDrift - DriftX

    Just an update on this. Its this weekend! There is also a show and shine organised for Saturday via the guys at Zeroclrearance https://www.facebook.com/events/946958978667023/
  10. it means i can get a tighter bend than a mandrel in there. and if you welding is good enough it wont crack. but will see might be using the old front pipe as its been modified so its flat to hug the floor (cut that up and make a new front pipe to match the new dump).
  11. Noticed a hair line crack in my already repaired Frankenstein dump pipe so finally bit the bullet and got another one. Got what looks to be a tomei expreme dump and my brother is making a new front pipe lobster backed bend to keep it nice and tucked. So got it on the hoist and noticed i need to rotate my tyres due to camber wear. so got a couple of things to do. Also considering driving up to sydney for offset kings at WTAC this year.
  12. Pinky's S14a

    ahhh didnt realise you went the same way as me on the rear housing.
  13. next turbo id go is a GT2871r or something around that spec. or go external gate turbo setup for the sound (and boost control lol but mostly the sound)