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  1. T28 Oil Pressure & Flow

    Just pulled it apart and it's a BB turbo, easy to tell cause as soon as that rear housing was off they fell everywhere so the 69FOO means nothing in terms of bearing it's the other number as the link I posted earlier mentions
  2. T28 Oil Pressure & Flow

    Yeah mine has 6 and also has the the little inbuilt restrictor on the oil feed so it should be bb.
  3. T28 Oil Pressure & Flow

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=78269 Check this link, describes what the number on the turbo's mean and is different to what a lot of other info out there states. When I get time i'll pull the old turbo out and apart and see if it's BB.
  4. T28 Oil Pressure & Flow

    All my turbos are garrett T28's supposidly BB. Anyone know how to tell by looking through the oil drain hole if it's bb or journal.
  5. T28 Oil Pressure & Flow

    I'm going to pull apart the turbo that just blew and see if it's ball bearing or not. Both of these turbo's have the same number indicating that they are journal bearing, but both were sold to me as ball bearing. The first turbo did not smoke at all but stopped making any boost and bent the main shaft. The second one smoked like crap and stopped making any boost, still on the car and will inspect further.
  6. T28 Oil Pressure & Flow

    Yeah i'll be going right over it, there was oil coming out the drain so gettin something. After scratching around it appears this number on the turbo means it's a BB turbo 466541 - 7001. Anyone confirm this that has actually opened one up. This may mean i need the 1mm restrictor, which it does not have. Oil feed is taken from sandwich plate, not a Tee piece on the standard oil pressure switch port as many have suggested when doing conversion. Would be great to know the flow.
  7. Does anybody know what oil pressure and flow a t28 journal bearing garrett turbo should be run at. I have contacted garrett but no reply. Have blown two healthy turbo's in two events on a SR20DE+T, so must have a bad pickup or return. 14411 - 69FOO is the turbo number which from all info I can findvsays it's journal
  8. He'll be the one doing the cut and shut once I get round to it, was just seeing what options were out there. The custom flywheel was my way of thinking too, that way it's just a standard clutch that'll need replacing when it wears down being cheaper in the long run.
  9. About to put a 1jz in my 180 with a cut and shut z32 gearbox. Qustion is do i get a custom clutch or a custom flywheel and who makes these. Located in SA if that helps but willing to get something sent over. Cheers for any input
  10. 2871r to t28 need a re-tune or not

    Very good info there, any idea how much power i'd loose dropping back a few degrees i know there was a rule of thumb, degrees vs rwkw gain. Managed to pull 200rwkw with this de+t
  11. 2871r to t28 need a re-tune or not

    No worries cheers for all the feedback
  12. 2871r to t28 need a re-tune or not

    I thought that turbo street cars ideal afr's are around 12 and a track, drift only car should be tuned to around 11.5 Is it essential to do these tests in 4th gear like the tuners use? Also just because the afr's are good is there still a chance it could be knocking due to advanced ignition timing? Cheers
  13. power steering pump f**ked?

    Could it be something to do with the plunger in the top of the high pressure steering line, from memory this sticks causing the system to have no pressure, bit vague I know maybe someone here has more knowledge or the the FSM might help
  14. 2871r to t28 need a re-tune or not

    Yeah I need to get nistune so no access atm to the maps
  15. 2871r to t28 need a re-tune or not

    Yeah i've got the innovate wideband that i can hookup and log to a laptop. Just got it tuned then the first outing the old turbo let go and was trying to avoid hitten up the dyno