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  2. Funky Flavour Air Fresheners

    if your at the glen tonight ill be there at shine i think, then we can cruise to caltex, then do the glen waverley drift track
  3. Funky Flavour Air Fresheners

    yeah andy accross from the glen at caltex sell em i think
  4. Dr Drift S13 - 403 rwkw @ 20 psi

    looks good sam, how much did the koso guage set u back looks same as a motorbike one
  5. A31 Parts needed in Vic asap!

    i just threw one out it was holding my fence up
  6. Transcar Drift Team

  7. Who likes cheap burritos?

    haha sorry pizza shops no more trents gone to the snow and while he was gone i kinda ate the whole shop
  8. Hoon's On ACA

    f**k i love street drift
  9. Who likes cheap burritos?

    my time is worth more than 15 dollars in savings nick taylor needs food and he needs it now
  10. engine mounts

    i still got mine for sale there 33 gtr ones that have been moddified in japan to suit sr20 as semi solid items
  11. so whens your mad dyno night going to be?
  12. Pinky's S14a

    ive got a s14 series 2 carbon bonet that has been cut out in the middle for dmax vent if u want it cheap
  13. Plastic welding.

    id say its cheaper to get a new bar as u will still have to paint it again after plastic welding it
  14. wheres my 180?

    wow this thing was even before my time
  15. parting her out :(

    in a pothole?