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  1. Australian Drifting Grand Prix

    My 1st drift day was there (the drift school day fink refers to above) and yes it is quite possible to drift the steep banks. I still remember Khudar and Fink taking my old R31 off the flat infield, onto the bank almost at its steepest point then back onto the flat all in 1 big link, then Fink and Dejager having their own little extreme entry comp off the bank onto the flat during lunch break. This will be an awesome launch event, and hopefully the first of many drift days in the dome.
  2. Drift car gearing

    My mind isn't made up just yet, tho I already bought the box as it came up at a bargain price, the point of this thread is to determine if it is a good idea to use it in a drift car or whether I will miss having 1 or 2 overdrive gears, keeping in mind it will have an LS1 bolted to it and a diff ratio of either 3.9 or 3.7. So long story short, do those of you with an overdrive gear(s) ever actually use them on track???
  3. Drift car gearing

    can you show me the footage of any decent supercharged methanol burning drag car that was a manual ha ha !!! you would lose miles of time and the gear changes on a top loader suck, it would be about 3/4 of a second each change lost in at least two gear changes in the Quarter so that is 1.5 seconds let alone the lauch loss. Believe me I am 38 and had some top loaders back in early 90,s they are not that strong it was just at the time they where stronger than a holden M21 that had like 6 moving parts and re-build kits for 70 dollars. I busted then behind old carby 5 ltr holdens that would be lucky to 200 hp at the wheels at the time just had big clutch. An rb25 box of this era would be way stronger and a hell of alot better to shift and hey i have known of guys like fink that have used 5th gear in full flight many of times . A six speed is just closer ratio's and if you have a laggy car can help stay in full boost between changes but the ones in say the S15 were not too strong as they had to make the parts and shafts small to fit 6 gears in a box that could fit in that tunnel. Believe me you do not want to go to the trouble of a top loader in a drift car! It's not so much going to the trouble, i'm putting an LS1 in my R31, so i'm not really looking for shorter gearing as a cheap and unbreakable gearbox and i'll be buggered if i'm paying almost as much for the tremec box as what you pay for the motor, less than a grand for the TL box, custom bellhousing which I can get for cheap from CRS, off you go. My dad used to pit crew for Larry Ormsby, he used a top loader and never broke one, My dad and many of his mates that built drag cars would convert to the top loader after smashing C10 autos.
  4. Drift car gearing

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if there's much of a point in having overdrive gears in a drift car?? Most tracks i've seen wont let you get past the top of 4th anyway, so would having a 6 speed box just be a waste?? The reason I'm wondering this is because I recently came into the possesion of a ford top loader 4 speed box. Now anyone that has had anything to do with these boxes knows that they are famous for 1 thing, they are strong enough to survive nuclear holocaust. Seriously, i've witnessed supercharged V8 methanol burning drag cars launching on slicks with these gearboxes and never break them. On top of that, the one I have is close ratio, so top gear is 1:1, and the gearbox itself is very small, say, small enough to fit in a sil or skyline without attacking the tunnel with a sledge, so would I be any worse off not having an overdrive gear (the car is track only BTW)
  5. D you need heaps of power to drift?

    Nice setup there Denzo, but that turbo is a bit big don't ya think?? How's the lag??
  6. if the oil is in bottles, just put the lid back on the bottles and throw it in your wheelie bin 1 or 2 at a time, will end up at the tip anyway won't it??
  7. My first rebuild

    if you in s.a, definately recommend lewis engines for parts and machining etc, great prices and fantastic to work with... just finished rebuilding my s14 sr20 and ran it in other day... few annoying things i noticed that set me back. the oil squirters in the cylinder/ crank region for the conrods etc use a 9 or 10mm socket to undo and tighten, however it MUST be a double hex (12pt) socket, as a single hex slip and chews out the thread, and then its up shit creek. i say this just kos a lot of cheaper tool kits only supply single hex sockets in their sets. other than that its' pretty simple for memory, just follow the workshop manual religiously. timing chain is a bit of a head fu** kos the great boys at nissan made the block and the head both parts of the timing chain assembly so you need to feed the chain up through the head when putting it on and torqueing it, so few hands is very useful to make sure you dont scratch the gasket etc. the head bolts can be reused if you are looking to save a hundred odd bucks, but make sure they are within spec. length (excact max length outlined in w-shop manual) in my case the camshaft position sensor (if it's variable valve timing) was sized in the head and snapped when trying to remove, so be patient and soak in crc before trying to remove.don't put anything between the head and the sensor to leaver it kos thats how it snaps at the base. will slap a writeup soon of doing it but if you need any help etc hit me up champ, good luck, good to see other people having a crack at it. nah, mine's a red top, no VVT
  8. My first rebuild

    hey donny, are there N1 or other upgrade oil pumps for the SR?? will need oil pump, water pump and timing chain what are they worth??
  9. So i've decided to give engine building a go, by putting together the SR that's been sitting in my shed for ages. I had a mechanic pull it apart a while ago, he told me the pistons and rods were fine, so i'm gonna use them. all I really need to know is: 1: Where to get new rings, bearings, seals, gaskets etc for a standard red top SR would nissan dealer have them even tho red tops were never released locally?? 2: What to look out for, is there any special techniques/tricks of the trade when working on SR's that I should know about before I start? (i've only ever worked on early fords/GM's never had twin cam jap metal before)
  10. Drift Australia 20th of Sept

    Hopefully more mindless destruction and general motel shenanigans this time around ginga?? LOL@ key-bangers all the way down the M7 motorway
  11. Isn't this normally a 2-day event?? how u gonna fit it all in (That's what she said.... never mind)
  12. D1R....D1R....D1R....D1R

    would a 17x9 fit an R33 GTST with stock guards or would rolling/flaring be needed??? EDIT: on the front that is, i know the back would fit easy
  13. Wonderin....

    they ditch their car because there is a booze bus up ahead, that way they keep their licences and don't get imponded. good old sunday morning breakdowns
  14. not my own personal experience, but a mate of mine got 3 months for it, and a massive fine
  15. jaycar calibrators are only good for making speed limiter bypass boxes for trucks then u can sell em for $300 a pop until u get raped by smokey