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  1. 10 years

    10 years in in sep, but i dont think i have posted or logged in for about 7 year
  2. sports car hire melbourne.

    i dont want a 370. i dont want a r8, i dont cair about what other think about. all i asked was if anyone knows where to hire. if you dont know. dont post, thanks.
  3. hey guys. just wanna hire a 350z for a day or 2, anyone know of a place that hires a 350z? iv looked on google, not much luck so far. anyhelp would be good
  4. iv got the facebook. but sadly guys she has a boyfriend. so i think thats lost my vote lol
  5. R34 GTT unusual sound

    sounds like turbo to me.
  6. Driving down to Melbourne

    yeah i call that bull shit too. i emember whn i was driving around South aus an i got pulled over an th coppa asked me about a mark onthe back of my licence. ( i could only have one other person in the car) an the coppa told me not to worry about that over there. an when i moved to perth. the said ther is no point in giving a sticker as im not therefor long
  7. Snow Trip

    fed was open saturday. but only viz the cat track at the bottom of littl buller spur, was really rocky tho, as i had the job to clear all the rocks ofthe track an cover with snow. was fun doin that for 3 hrs!!!! an as forbull run. hahaha. it was only open for like 2 weeks last year, lucky if it even opens this year!
  8. Snow Trip

    no list man. just jump on the mt buller web site, an look for jobs on it. pretty easy! im goin up monday night, got my self free lift ticktes =] just gotta work the lifts for 2 hrs to cover lunch brakes an thats it, aww the perks of being a lifty =]
  9. hey guys , need some one to fix my horn. took it to one place that said it needs to be rewired or somthing. . can give cash or beer
  10. Vehicle Transport

    DO NOT USE PATRICKS!!! I SOLD MY CAR TO A GUY IN PERTH,. f**kERS STOLE THE BOV AN TRYED TO RIP SUB OUT, BUT I HAVE THE BOLTED TO THE FLOOR! but its a lot cheaper to drive to south aus. an then put the car on a VLine to perth. but thats only ur ur headin to perth ya self
  11. snow gear hook ups !

    get a scallywag frankie, there heaps easy to butter with an shit, love em
  12. snow gear hook ups !

    let the snow fall. free tickets an accom for me all winter for bulller an not even workin there this year, lifes sooo good