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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Time for the gear box to come out.
  2. No movement in tail shaft. Another thing I remembered, when I used to shut the car down in neutral, I sometimes made a small rattle noise as it stalled. Shutting the car down with the clutch pressed in never made that rattle sound. This makes me believe something was already on it way out and now has completely given way. Does this sound like a goner flywheel to anyone?
  3. Hi Guys, I need some opinions on what this problem could be. The car is a fairly stock 2002 S15 6 speed done 110,000km. Was cruising on the freeway, dropped it to third gear to overtake when suddenly the car lost all drive. Like it was in neutral. After pulling over I noticed the clutch pedal was flat in the floor with no pressure. Towed it home to bleed master and slave cylinders. Fair bit of air came out but clutch pedal is still quite soft and there is no drive in any gears. Also when I press the clutch in it's making a horrible grinding noise which goes away when I leave the clutch. I can still select all gears but it wont just drive. Have been told the dual mass flywheels in s15's are known to crap itself but can they just go all of a sudden like this? The clutch was still strong, no slipping and the gear box had no issues either. Anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions what to check and replace? Cheers
  4. looking for my old car

    If you cant find yours, you can always buy mine cheep and do it up http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=496335
  5. Hi Guys, I am not being able to login with my original username any more. username: nismoCA new email: vnigam@hotmail.com Thanks, Viv
  6. analoge to digital hud

    Actually the wiring loom for the digital dash is different from the analog one. The plugs that go in behind the dash are different. You will need the wiring loom off the digital dash. The plugs on the other end of the loom (going away from the dash) are the same. There should be 2 plugs on that end which snap up to the existing loom. I went the other way around (digital to analog) and needed the loom off analog dash.
  7. **QLD ns.com Members**

    Name: Viv Location: Brisbane Car: S13 Silvia sr20det and JZA80 Supra 2JZ-GE with T04 Turbo msn: vnigam@hotmail.com
  8. Turbo housing question

    Thanks for the input. I googled it as well, for some reason the images of GT3271 don't look anything like the ones I provided http://www.himni-racing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=61 Anyways, might just stick with the T2 / GT2 size. Thanks
  9. Can someone tell me what size exhaust housing goes on this turbo? Any ideas if the T25g or T28 exhaust housings can be used or will they be too small? cheers
  10. chipped turbo fins

    thanks for all the feed back
  11. chipped turbo fins

    check out my for sale thread in my sig. mine are pretty munted hahaha up to you man, personally i wouldnt go to the trouble of fitting another standard turbo, theres a 2871r for sale almost every week here hahah Now those fins really look munted! haha If your turbo still made boost in that condition I will give this one a try. Hopefully it lasts for long enough till I source a decent replacement. cheers
  12. chipped turbo fins

    thanks for the tips. I shall take a closer look at the exhaust wheels and give GCG a call. cheers
  13. chipped turbo fins

    Hey OLivk, Thanks for the info. What was the condition of the fins in your turbo? Was it as bad as these? My stock T25g has seized so I just want to put something on to get it going for now. I am trying to get opinion if these fins look totally busted or it may be worth trying them out anyways? cheers
  14. Hey guys, I got a non bb T28 turbo for cheep as it had some chipped compressor fins. The exhaust fins are fine and there is no shaft play. The turbine also spins freely and there is no contact with housing. I know that the chipped fins can cause efficiency issues but based on attached pics I need to know if it is safe to use this turbo as is or should I look at rebuild? Has anyone used turbos with chipped fins and what was the go with it? If I should rebuild can someone suggest a place in QLD that can replace comp wheel and roughly what it should cost? cheers