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  1. i like it dre!! heres mine 18 x9 fronts 18 x 10 rears +20 all round +25 mm spacers
  2. Dormant S15

    im no expert but you probably should drive it every once in a while.
  3. Dormant S15

    my car has been off the road for over 10 months.. all ive done is disconnect battery and fill the fuel tank to the top to stop moisture build up in the tank. once i get my license back ill drain it and my parents will have 72 litres of lawn mower fuel lol.
  4. Paint matching

    The older bloke at paintmobile in dandenong is switched on with colour matching otherwise im in burwood, we use a Spectro to colour match difficult/custom colours otherwise we can mix your colour off your code and eye match it for you. but most Panel shops would be stupid to not help you out with a bit of touch up paint
  5. Where are the good foods ?

    if you have some spare cash, VLADOS on bridge st richmond. best steak in the freakin world. it will be my choice for the rest of my life. $100 minimum per person but worth every penny. also, you must book for this place. it is booked out 7 nights a week so call up in advance. also, best wings around are at Kodiak Club in Brunswick. 4 dozen on a big night per person is the best way to end a sat night/start a sunday morning.
  6. Renting Spray booths

    Bring your own, Spray painters will not let you use their gear. Have you spray painted before?
  7. Automotive Paint Suppliers in Melb

    bodyshop - ferntree gully paint mobile - preston/dandenong
  8. what material is it, plastic, fibreglass? i can help im also in the south east, send us a pm
  9. Coilovers: TEIN HA Suspension Arms: Stock Guards:Rolled Fronts, Flared Rears Wheels & Specs: Work Euroline DH Front: 18x9 +20+25mm Spacer Rear: 18x10 +25+25mm Spacer Tyres Front: 225/40/18 Rear: 235/40/18
  10. help finding info on what mods are legal

    100mm lowest point of the car aside from wheels,tyres,brakes etc 90db in victoria pretty sure you must retain a Catalytic converter for anything EFI not sure on guages, i think they are ok if they sit below the highest point on your dash? again, not sure on that one
  11. Hit and run on my car

    that thing has been punched hard a slide hammer will do NOTHING beaver panel and inners on that quarter will be rooted if you are gonna repair it without putting a new quarter on you will most likely need it on the jig to square it back up and a dozer at minimum to pull it out the beaver and caved in quarter before you even think of bog.
  12. car sticker removal

    That will most likely happen only on old, ungaraged solid 2k paints and 1k acrylic paints. A full machine cut, machine polish+wax should bring it back up to specs. We get a few commercial vehicles in at work that have to be de-stickered and thats the process we use. works a treat.

    Thanks for the kind words mate, motor is a basically modded 1jz. factory twins running 1bar, Apexi exhaust, FMIC etc etc 213kw last dyno run.

    pics from Jap classic day