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  1. QBH Brawl

    emz...do you work on friday at eve? If so..what security number are you? ill say HI
  2. hey guys, last nite i changed my engine oil and filter. i drained the sump tank n filter, i added abt 4L of engine and when i checked the dipstick it doesnt show its full? i double checked if the bolt and filter is tighten. i started up the car for 10mins...drove around in it.. every seems fine, no oil light came on the dash. then when i check today, the dip stick is still dry..?? HELP PLEASE??!!!??
  3. got defected!, need engineers cert!

    suffer..!! why dont u goto jetspeed since u promote for them?

    ^^ is that frankie?? is it just me or that black dot on choppers arm gets bigger when u stare at it???
  5. Best Robbery Movie

    i think its called the inside man?? the best!! 10/10

    WCE shouldve won if ben cousin wasnt away de-fight the fact he took drugs.1!!
  7. Shoe shops

    CHUCK TAYLORS.!! cant go wrong.! or La Crosse
  8. Green s14 on Union Rd.

    your alright mate
  9. 350z black on white.

    ^ u jsut missed out on ur bedtime too..HAHA
  10. Black 180 cruse?...

    ^^ +2

    they wont have tightass in the dictionary. maybe in the urban dictionary
  12. adding a sunroof?

    sunroof FTW!!!!!!!
  13. wats the difference

    how about u learn to google