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  1. The Android thread

    Another Tasker profile I made, sends a text message saying "here's another one" followed by a repeat command. I have unlimited texts and can fire off hundreds in a matter of a button push and a few mins lol. edit: I'm using a galaxy note too Currently running kingdroid 2.0 ICS. there are heaps of ICS ROMS available for the Note at the moment. Upgaded from a GS2. Never going back to a regular sized phone now.
  2. Own a cat?

  3. On my mates porch steps, baking on my own vomit in the sun. Another time at a time bowls club toilet using a fisherman's basket as a pillow. And a shopping troll being pushed home by a mate lol
  4. He won't win. I'm voting for him anyway. Totally agree with his policies.
  5. Samsung galaxy S3 leaked?

    I grabbed an otterbox defender for my gs2, still shit myself when I drop it though..
  6. The Android thread

    Sup peoples. Just sharing a tasker profile I made myself. I set phone data, bluetooth, wifi to turn off with the screen off and no power connected, and turn back on when the screen turns on. This has dramatically increased my battery life
  7. Battlefield 3

    Anywhere a noob can go to learn tactics, and how to fly a chopper? Lol Anyone else near have a seizure on the opening clip? Haha
  8. Im playing bf3 at the moment. Really loving it, except for the last match. Some milkshakes were flying around my spawn with upgraded helicopters. It was a massacre lol I'll get to use my missus' copy of mw3. So I'll be keen to play from the 19th
  9. Training Information.

    well you do say ask anything, so is it bad etiquette to wear pluggas to a gym if you're only doing a chest day
  10. sup, Does anyone have any experience or valid opinions on these cheap rotors: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-200SX-S14-S15-Slotted-Front-Disc-Brake-Rotors-/110738101359?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19c881546f http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-200SX-S14-S15-Slotted-Rear-Disc-Brake-Rotors-/110737737401?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19c87bc6b9 Is swapping my current s15 discs a DIY job? cheers
  11. Naked's Training Log

    doing sets of 80kg BP now, max at 97.5. I've been wanting to do the big LMAO2PLATE!! bench for a few weeks now, but am just shy of it. ATG 100kg squats for 8 per set. Ah also quick question. What is the exercise called that is a wide overhand grip of the BB, starts like a deadlift then goes into a quick row upwards towards the upper chest/chin way?
  12. Naked's Training Log

    I've been slack updating this. 1rm bench: 90kg 1rm squat: 140kg Cardio and everything else still sucks haha

    Just made a noise at a guy in a white s15 in morayfield lol
  14. Naked's Training Log

    1RM squat 130kg bench 82.5kg OHP 62.5kg 5km run in 31.40 mins