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Found 22 results

  1. WTB: 180SX Type X - manual

    Hi, like the title suggests, interested to see whats out there locally instead of having to go through the hassles of finding one to import from japan. Would prefer a 1998 type x with sunroof and low K's but willing to consider upto 96 models. NON accidents only though just show me what you got and for how much, money isn't an issue for the right car! extra points if its in midnight purple cheers!
  2. Ashley's 180sx Type X

    Hey guys. Thought I should finally write up a thread on my car. So it’s a 1997 180sx Type X and I’ve owned it since June 2015. When I bought it the paint wasn’t the best, it had king springs on TIG wheels haha, China rear arms (a Toe Arm snapped a few months later so I got all stock arms and chucked the China arms in the bin), sound system, and a pod filter. In my ownership, I’ve done the following so far: - Pearl white open door respray November 2015 - Genuine Type X front lip - Genuine Type X rear pods and valance - Optional extra front strut bar - Cusco rear strut bar - Nismo Power Brace - Rash Facture C Pillar Bar - Bride Brix 1.5 Drivers seat - Bride Brix 1.5 passenger seat - Bride retrimmed rear seats, door cards, gear boot shifter, centre console lid and glove box lid - MCA Coilovers - Front and rear 5 stud with S15 front brakes - DMAX rear window visor - Blitz 03 wheels, 17x8+9 front and 18x9+22 rear - FMIC - Short shifter I also have a set of Blitz BLM gauges: boost, oil temp, oil pressure and water temp waiting to be put in when I can find the motivation. Also have a pair of the optional extra foglights that have been sitting in my garage for a year waiting to be put on too haha. When I first bought it in June 2015: What it looks like currently:
  3. Hi everyone, keen to buy a nice clean 180sx manual willing to pay UPTO around $8-12k depending on quality.. must be manual, preferably low kms (<150xxx) if it has factory sunroof is a plus Please post pics and deets willing to travel for the right car cheers!
  4. Hi guys, Few bits and pieces listed, please ask for pics if needed. 180SX Type X Front drivers skirt pod $80 180SX Type X Rear floor mat (x1 only) $30 180SX Rear Reo bar $50 180SX Rear Number Plate lights $10 SOLD 180SX GK Tech no holes intercooler kit complete as new $450 SOLD 180SX Powerbond 20% underdrive pulley as new $300 180SX Vertex Rear bar silver fitted great $200 180SX Silver Bonnet faded paint $150 180SX Drivers side headlight cover panel $20 SOLD 180SX Drivers side headlight frame inc harnesses and motor $20 180SX Crystal Headlamp , single only $30 180SX Speedo surround panel, no holes or cracks $80 180SX column surround no holes $40 180SX ECU redtop $100 180SX SR slave cylinder $20 180SX tail shaft loop $10 180SX Rear Bumper cover black $50 180SX Window upper trims matt black pair $40 180SX Window upper trims good condition pair $50 180SX Window weather strip (lower window trim) pair $40 180SX Type X tail light globe holder (for one side) $25 180SX Gearbox crossmember "B" $50 180SX Power Steering pump $60 RB26 R34 Starter Motor mint $200 RB26 Aluminium Engine mount brackets $50 SOLD RB26 Blow off valve $50 SOLD RB26 gearbox crossmember $40 RB26 rear main seal housing $30 R32 Rear lower trims Left and Right 6/10 nick $50 R33 S2 Bonnet dents and scratches been in accident but usable $50 3" Stainless decat with flanges barrel type $50 SOLD 4 stud Lenso wheels set 17x7" one mismatched with 2 fried 2 ok tyres $200 Z32 AFM and Tomei plug kit to suit used $200 No other parts available, located Melbourne's east. Cheers, Mat. 0400 558 030
  5. I'm currently scouring the internet in search of a set of 180SX Type X rear pods and valence and came across this: http://www.carmate.com/product_details.php?productid=NSSX90NSRA Can anyone tell me if these are replica type X pods and valence like in the top picture or are they just the aftermarket corner pieces in the bottom picture? If they are type X replicas can anyone vouch for quality and fit? Cheers
  6. Hi all, I have a set of 180sx mats for sale. Came out of my type x. 3 in very good condition, just a bit of wear on the 180sx logo on the drivers side. The passenger mat doesn't appear to be a genuine mat. It's taken me 10 years to notice this, as in the car it wasn't at all obvious. Asking $160 Pick up only is from Seventeen Mile Rocks 4073
  7. Hi all, My nismo catback has a slight kink in the first bend after the cat. Works fine but the exhaust tip is a little more left than I'd like so I've had to bend the last exhaust hanger off the rear muffler so that its edge doesn't rest against the rear quarter. I'm about to put in a new tomei dump since its still running stock at the moment and am looking for front pipe options. Not really wanting to change the catback since it took me so long to find, and with the kink in mind I was thinking of getting a front pipe with a flex bit welded in (currently JJR seem to be the easiest/cheapest option I've found). However, I'm worried about a couple of things: 1) The flex pipes usually hang low so going over big humps might grind away at it. 2) Since the kink is causing such a drastic change to the exhaust tip angle, the flex section might end up forced into a stressed/stretched out position negating most of the benefits of having a flex pipe. SO with those two things in mind, would a flex section even help or am I better off going with a solid 3" front pipe and keeping the hanger the way it is? Thanks
  8. I have a set of Kouki rear valances with center piece. The center piece has a crack in it as you can see in the photo. Other than that all is in good condition. Asking $280 shipped. Items ship from Japan.
  9. I have a set of taillights with carbon fiber center piece plus the part that goes under the lights. Comes with the pigtails and the key lock with key. Asking $500 obo shipped! Items ship from Japan
  10. Hi all! I bought a 1997 180sx type x last week. It hasn't had too much done to it, just castor rods on the front, and on the rear it has camber arms, toe arms and control arms. It also has a sound system, wheels, exhaust (used to have a straight pipe), king springs, pod filter, short shifter and a turbo timer. One of the previous owners didn't take too much care of the paint and just rattle canned over particular spots around the car and it also has some light surface rust, so a respray will be happening in the next few months.
  11. Hey guy, Im after the following parts for 180sx ; -type x front lip. -3" cat back exhaust with cannon -Looking for full roll cage to suit 97 180sx non sunroof. Thanks, located in western suburbs of melb.
  12. 1997 180sx Type X (VIC)

    1997 180sx Type X 2.0 DET manual Melbourne Rego to May 2015 RWC Turnflow FMIC Adjustable coilovers 3 inch exhaust all the way Owned for 4 years. 17 inch alloys Full service last week $10,500 no swaps Was my daily driver Paint in good cond, has hail dents. Selling due to having bought another car. PM for contact details
  13. RPS13 180sx Type X Floor Mats

    Hi All, I have for sale a full set of original Type X floor mats in immaculate condition. Reference pic (not actually mine, as my ones are in tip top immaculate condition)... I've been holding onto these for like the past 10 years (since owning the car) and have been packaged away out of the elements. As these are rare and were highly sought after, I didn't want to wear them out by using them. During this time I've been using the Type X optional floor mats which are the full black ones as they had more wear than the original ones. E.g. (Not my pic, again just for reference)... Anyhoo, I recall back in the days these were going for $350+ for a full set. As such, I'm looking for something around the $300 mark Alternatively, if you're keen on the black Type X optional floor mats, I'll be keen to let these go for a little less. Will post up the actual pictures in the coming days when the weather is a bit better! Reason for selling is due to trying to get rid of all the bits and pieces I've acquired and kept through out the years to try help me to possible let go of the 180 as it has been sitting in the garage for the last 4-5 months collecting dust since purchasing a new car Location is Burwood East, VIC. Contact preferred via sms on zero four two one 1 2 1 eight one eight. Cheers, Andy
  14. 1997 180sx Type X (VIC)

    1997 180sx Type X 2.0 DET manual Melbourne Rego to May 2015 RWC Turnflow FMIC Adjustable coilovers 3 inch exhaust all the way Owned for 4 years. 17 inch alloys Full service last week $10,500 no swaps Was my daily driver Paint in good cond, has hail dents. Selling due to having bought another car. PM for contact details
  15. Hey guys. Need your help. Recently did a manual conversion on my 1996 type x. When driving I realised the speedometer is showing at least double the speed I am actually travelling. Can this be rectified? thanks. Another thing, how do I remove the beep sound that comes on whenever I put it into reverse?
  16. After just the factory rear factory center bit, will buy all 3 rear bits if that's all you're selling. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/uploads/monthly_08_2010/post-50134-1281669216351_thumb.jpg
  17. Hello All, I have a 1997 Type S 180sx, Came Factory with a SR20DE Manual. I have just purchased a Blacktop SR20DET from a S13. My issue is the wiring loom is not plug and play there is two plugs behind the passenger side headlight instead of 3 aswell the plus near the ecu is different. I can't get my hands on a TYPE X SR20DET Wiring Loom and Ecu. If anyone has one or knows how to put the type x plugs on the older style loom. Cheers. Slydin.
  18. Hey guys My car is a 1996 180sx type x, its throwing itself into a limp mode Symptoms: after idling for a while or driving for a while or the car cuts out, it will still idle fine but when I accelerate the car will rev to 1500 then cut injector duty cycle till revs come back down to 1000 then rev to 1500 cut injector duty cycle till 1000, this will happen constantly until i turn the car off for 5 seconds then restart the car. What i have done to try and diagnose the problem: I have tried different ecus, air flow metres, cam angle sensors, throttle positioning sensors. I have plugged the car into a scan tool and it shows no fault codes, no reasons what so ever as to whats causing the issue, all it tells me is that it is cutting injector duty cycle at 1500 when the issue occours, the ecu is reading everything fine as if there is no issue, I have also checked to see if its cutting spark while it cuts the duty cycle and its still getting spark the whole time. Does anyone have any idea what can cause the injectors to cut out like this? Any help is greatly appreciated, also if anyone has had this problem and fixed it please let me know what the issue was.
  19. Not sure if this is the right place to post.. My car is a 1996 180sx type x and has been off the road for about a year, but during that year i started it every so often, drove it abit just up and down my street, everything seemed fine. Now that i am trying to get it back onto the road, i changed sparks, oil, oil + fuel filter and gave it new fuel. So i drove my car to the mech to get a rwc, few hrs later get a call that he cant start the car, he said the fuel pump shit itself, he said he can order a replacement which i said yes bcoz i cbf fixing it i just wanted him to finish the rwc. He replaced the pump did the rwc told me needed few things to fix. atm i am trying to fix those things one of which i needed to go to a panel beater for a structual report which i did, drove there fine, after it was all done time to leave, when i tried to start it, it wouldnt work, fuel pump didnt prime, kept trying and trying and eventually got it started after that drove it to a mates place to work on it. When it came time to leave the fuel pump didnt prime again i couldnt get it started at all anymore so its stuck at my friends place. After checking all wiring, fuses and relays everything seems fine. I noticed that there is relays behind the fuel box on the drivers side kick panel, but i couldnt get them out to test, there is 4 of them, what are these for? With the fuel pump wiring i used a multimeter and im getting power from the yellow/green stripe and soild yellow wire, but im not gettin power from the white/purple stripe wire. So i hooked a power source straight from batt to pump onto the white/purple wire and pumps fine, i made a switch onto the wire to turn on and off the fuel pump as a temp fix so i can drive it home, tried starting the car with the fuel pump on, but still nothing, it cranks over but doesnt doesnt start. Took a coilpack out, put a spark plug in and grounded it (not sure if we grounded it properly), tried starting it, couldnt see a spark. Idk what to do next. im stuck Any help would be appreciated as i just want my car to be on the road again... Sorry if its too long to read, just thought details would be nessecary. Im still learning cars so im a bit noob lol.. Thanks
  20. Nissan 180sx Type X D-MAX 2-1 Front Bar Indicator Lights. JSAI now carries 180sx Type X D-Max 2-1 front bar indicator lights for the Nissan 180sx. The lights are sold as a pair and come with LED bulbs and wiring assembly. The lights are designed to work with your factory indicator and parklight setup. They are simple to install. The lights are perfect for people upgrading to a Type X Front Bar or want to remove the indicator lights from their Factory Type X Front Bar. There is no need to change your factory wiring or bulbs as the lights use the factory plugs and bulbs. The lights retail for $99.00. Australia-wide registered postage is $9. Special for Nissansilvia Members - $89.00 with free postage in Australia only. We ship worldwide, please contact us for postage costs. Payment details: Cash on pick up, direct deposit or Paypal payments are accepted. *paypal payments have a 3% transaction charge* Pick up during business hours @ JSAI kurnell or After hours pick up @ bondi or CBD sydney. JSAI is located at: 238-258 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell, NSW. Monday - Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm Saturday- by appointment only. For more info or to order please send us a pm, a text message or email. M: 0405 153 290 Email: josh@jsai.com.au Web: www.jsai.com.au Please note, The fibreglass and carbon fibre manufacturing process is a "hands on" process which often prevents us from taking calls during business hours. For this reason it is best to send us a text, pm or email and we will get back to you asap. We make every effort to get back to customers within 24 hours of receiving a message.
  21. 180sx

    Figured i'd put my car up, since it's spent more time off road, since starting it 2-3 years ago. 180sx 2009- Spent 4 months converting it from a donor 97 Type X. Spent less than 12 months on the road due to flagged defect. Its seen one track day and one skid pan day. 2010 - 2011 Hibernating collecting dust 2012 - Gave it a paint job DIY styles 2012 Plans - Rego + tune