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hey guys


recently i have just jumped into an s- chassis for the misses and i to have some fun in. We did have a r31 track hack but at the start of the year i managed to blow 2 motors and turbos, so i cracked the shits and parted it out! The whole time i had the car it was just 1 thing after another and in the end even my misses said just sell it and get something else. Cant argue with that... amirite?


So went and looked at a few 200, 180's etc but nothing was realy meeting the quota until a mate of a mate said he was selling his and i knew that was the one. Mid 40 year old bloke owned it and kept it meticulously clean. Took it for a drive and that was that.


Heres a couple of snaps of v1.0 and v2.0...









Specs (that I know so far)


1st Engine specs: BLOWN UP!

Je Piston

Tomie cams

740cc inj



Massive pod

040 fp

Microtek ecu

Ext and baffled sump


R33 gearbox

Japwarehouse adaptor plate

" " Dogleg shifter

10" Npc Cushion Button

One piece tailshaft


Current Engine Specs: Scratch That!

Gktech clutch fan

Gktech waterneck spacer

1000cc id inj

Powerflow adj fpr

Walbro 460lph

Ext and baffled sump


Acl bearings


New Engine Setup:

Reco 2j with hd springs

Acl Bearings

Arp studs- Rods, Mains and Head


Tog Single turbo maninfold

TurboSmart 45mm Wastegate

Aeroflow adj fpr

Aeroflow billet fuel rail

Speedflow fuel filter

-10 Braided feed line

-8 Braided return

1000cc inj

400lph walbro intank

2x External Bosch 044s

Surge tank

Powerflow 19 row oil cooler and relo

Koyo rad

2x 12 spal thermo fans with custom shroud

Header tank

Standard manifold with 80mm Throttlebody welded on

Ati/Titan harmonic balancer

Oil catch can

Evo 8 oil cooler converted to Ps cooler



R154 5 spd

Direct clutch twinplate Rated @ 800hp and 1100nm cold 1300nm hot

Push/pull convertor

One pices Tailshaft

Weldie S14 6 bolt 3.89

Weldie R33 5 bolt 4.11



Adj castor rods

Hardrace adj camber

" " Adj toe

" " Adj trac

Shockworks coilovers 8kg F 6kg R

Rack spacers

Astra electric Ps pump (incab)

Jdi Track knuckles

Jdi 25mm extended lcas

20mm spacers



Haltech ps2000


Autometer fuel gauge

Hurstline locker

BlackSpade Half cage

Fire ext

Fake Nardi



R33 calipers and handbrake setup

Slotted rotors F n R

Green stuff pads all round

Abs delete



Rotas or drifteks?

9.5j +0 F 9.5j +12 R

Work emotion cr kai

18 x 9.5j +11



Uras full body kit

50mm flares

Custom made big Gt Wang


Will update the more I find shit


Engine is built for 30psi on e85, got my tuner to give it a check and it made 281rwkw on 20.5psi on pump...


Just booked in for its first track day on oct 25th at winton, still got plenty to do to get it ready but hopefully time and murphy is on my side.


Things to do prior to track day are:

Coilovers (done)

Roll guards (done)

Rack spacers (done)

Extended sump (done) and make bash plate

Rb25 gb (done)

Bride seats

Roll cage (done)


Weld diff (done)

New alignment

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Been a busy week for the car, I went down to see elliot @ aus speed and custom to get him to fabb up some upward blasties,gotta luv the grumble they have :)








swapped the wheels off the old car onto the new one, pretty happy with fitment, should look good when the coils are in it after that Went to get the adj castor rods in and get an alignment done.






Tomorrow will be fitting the ext sump, service and welding the diff. Hopefully all goes to plan

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Hopefully all goes to plan :) will still be popin up on 31forums every now and then...


Went back down to elliots to weld the diff up on friday night and also installed the ext sump while it was up on the hoist. Going to get a bash plate made up as its the cast one so I dont smash it.


Didnt get any pics as I was in a rush between jobs...


Going to oreder the coils and rack spacers this week and hopefully do the gb conversion this weekend... fingers crossed

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I ordered a set of shockworks through leigh @ inverse tyres which rocked up today :) so after work I headed down there and picked them up then went straight home and thanks to daylight saving coming back I had enough time to install them.






didnt get any pics of the car yet, pretty happy with the stance on the rear but need to roll the guards befor I lower the front anymore.

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Great choice on the suspension.

Send me a PM if you have any gearbox conversion queries, I have used both RB25 and Z32 gearboxes in my SR20 S14.

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Cheers for that will do :)





dialed alittle more camber in the front, hopefully they wont scrub till I get the guards rolled. Then il drop the front and see if it handles well at this height


Starting the gearbox conversion tomorrow, hopefuly all goes to plan!

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Started the gb conversion yesterday... What a f**k around it was getting the sr box out, glad its not going back in lol... the rb box went in like a dream even with having to slide it over studs from the adaptor plate.


So today is just wire the box up and tow it home, then tomorrow is order new tailshaft and hopefully my dogleg shifter turns up too.

Could be back to skids by tuesday, fingers crossed.


Adaptor plate and clutch all bolted up...



Rb box in and bolted up



With this done it now makes the rest of the list look easy, will see how we go.

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Monday came around so I rang jeff at knox drive shafts to make me a 1 piece Tailshaft, unfortunately he said it was going to take 4 days to make. I asked him if there was anyway he could get it done quicker as I have the prac day coming up and he said he could do it in 2... 5:30pm that night he called me up saying it was finished... all I can say is wat a legend!




Today I was working around thomastown so thought id ring jap warehouse to see if the dogleg shifters came in and to my surprise they were so whipped down to pick that up.




so got home tonight after work and bolted the tailshaft up. I also had to cut the floor to fit the dogleg shifter. Hopefully weather is good tomorrow and I can wire it up fill it with oil and bleed the clutch... slowly seeing the light, not long left now

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Damn you're smashing this out so quick! When I did all this in my car it took months.

Cool shifter too, how much was that if you don't mind me asking?

Also how good is the driveshaft bloke, he had mine done really quick too.

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Cheers man, Yeh doing me best but run into my first real drama today where I couldnt get any pressure in the clutch after bleeding it forever, tried to see if I wound out the master alittle that would solve my problem and the horseshoe mount that holds the pin to the clutch pedal broke in 3.... wtf? So need to get another then she is back on the road ready to keep checkin the list off...


I got the shifter for $140 or $160? So not badly priced I dont think... and yeh jeff is a top bloke highly recommend him, cant believe how quick he did it...


Got a phone call today from donny @ forced motorworks and my rear adj arms had come in so went down there to pick them up




See how we go this weekend gonna try and get them in once iv sorted the clutch out, then all is left is


hotdog & flex pipe in exhaust

Roll guards

Adj height

Rack spacers


Roll cage

Mount fire ext


So I have 8 days to finish it off between work... wish me luck haha

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After work on friday I went down to osaka imports to get that little bracket, bolted that all up and bled the clutch again and it came good thank f**k lol wired the box up and checked it while it was in the air and everything has come up milhouse :)


Also had time to mount the fire ext and move the loom in the drivers guard and tuck it up so there is more room, going to relocate it properly when I get more time...




Today I started on the rear adj arms, so first thing first out with old...




and in with the new...










also painted the cage, just went with black so it dosent stand out when im driving on the road.




will mount that tomorrow and take it for a test drive. Very keen to see how she drives considering i havent even really driven it with the new coils... have it Booked in Monday for guard rolling and wednesday for its alignment and rack spacers... then its exhaust and she is ready for her first event this weekend, cant wait!

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Sunday came around so I started to put the cage in, wat a pain that was...wouldnt have been to bad if it didnt have the harness bar but eventually squeezed it in






pretty happy with how it came out, nice snug fit


Sold some more parts the other day from the 31 so went and bought a steering wheel, quick release and bucket seats




Today I went down to see mr pidwell @ inverse tyres to get it all aligned and put some washers in for rack spacers




now she is driving beautifully, just need to do the exhaust and its ready for saturday... so close lets hope murphy has bo surprises for me

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Ended up getting the exhaust done on thursday down @ Australia speed & Custom. Aĺl I needed done was a hotdog welded in to meet new regs, while i was there I gave it a service aswell.




ended up leaving on friday to drive up to winton... took a few snaps befor loading it on, pretty happy with how its coming together and also picked up a couple of sponsors, should make things alot easier so with thanks to Simon @ Nt Performance in footscray for tuning and elliot @ Australia speed & custom in bayswater for fab. If you are looking into getting work done, hit these guys up, quality stuff and no bullshit to go with it. Support the people who support the scene...








Saturday came round so fast, I was alittle anxious on how the car was going to go. It was alot hotter than anticipated and the one side I didnt touch was the cooling side, which bit us hard one the day. :(


I did my first session, i was jus getting use to the power and handling befor starting to throw it round. The fronts were scrubbin like a bitch so I have rubber all up my a pillars lol and it has alot more grip than the r31 did even with all the mods done, I found if I didnt throw it alot harder than the skyline it would understeer and if I didnt get the revs up in 3rd it would doe down mid way through the esses. Came in the pits after the sesh and it was pouring coolant out the overflow :/ so had to wait till after lunch for it to cool down.


The misses had a couple of runs on the skidpan after lunch and started to prac transitions... pretty happy with how shes picking it up, then the car got too hot so had to let it cool down again.


A couple hours later I went out for my second sesh, could only do a couple corners befor having to do acouple of cool down laps, was doing my head in... then session ended I came into the pits to rubb through the body loom... fml so that was that called it aday packed up and headed home.


Not going to enter driftx, Gona take abit of a break from the pig and dedicate my time to my other pride n joy over the drift holidays but befor it goes back to track the cooling system is a must, I will put in a lightweight flywheel n clutch and get a welded 4.1 diff. that should get us more track time than what we have been getting over the last year


Other than those little problems was really happy with the way it delivers the power, the grip it has and the way it drives, after the next few mods it should be a reliable consistant car.

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hahaha my bolt in cage has the same scratches from trying to get the f**ker in

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Hahaha sweet so im not the only one...I was just about to get a shoehorn to shove it in lol

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the scratches pissed me off enough that i had to masked up the interior and spray it again haha

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Hahaha yeh I think ill end up doin the same :)


Jus bought a r33 4.11 diff and shafts will drop that off at asc to get welded up and put that in when I get around to it

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So had abit of a break while there the season was over but now that we are getting close to matsuri its all hands on deck now.


finally I found a shorter boss kit to mount the steering wheel abit further away from me, much happier with how it sits now...




next thing to be done was the battery relocation. .. thankfully I kept the 1 I made for the 31 I had and it was perfect fit, all I had to do was drill 2 holes for the studs that were already in the boot through the battery box, bolted it up and it aint goin nowhere!




Next was the clutch, I bought a npc 10" sprung button from donny @ forced. Bolted up sweet everything was coming up milhouse till I got it back together and tried to get it in gear with the car running... wouldnt go in and would start spinnijg the rears when it was jus getting to the gate... so figured out the bearing carrier was to short with this new clutch/japwarehouse adaptor plate so got a longer 1 and modified that 2mm longer and also made a new pushrod for the slave which was 8mm longer... was a fukn pain tryin to work out the lengths etc but got there now shes skidding like a champ




so this is how she sits atm...



next on the list is koyo rad, header tank, lower temp thermo, gktech clutch fan, handbrake extenders, oil cooler and diff which will hopefully all roll up this week

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Just not havin much luck atm, after getting the clutch together and taking it for a test run, the car decided to have a hissyfit and do a headgasket. Not wat ya want 16 days befor matsuri... so started last sunday and stripped the motor down...



As you can see the motor has done next no ks, its nice to work on something clean for once... at the same time annoys me even more thats its done a hg seeing how new everything is...




Over the week in between work I just slowly went at it, by thursday I had the new headgasket and machined head back from my mate and it was time to put it back together...




Nice and flat...



now its all back together just have to fill it with fluids and hopefully we are back on track with gettin ready for matsuri

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You'll get there mate!

Pity about the headgasket, any idea what caused it on a low km motor?

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Not to sure really... no one can explain it, it never got hot. It blew through all cylinders and also the water jacket in cyl4, so this time round iv made sure that im giving it the best chance to not do it again... iv jus got an oil cooler, aftermarket rad, header tank, lower temp thermo, catch can and gauges (oil temp/pressure and water temp) to monitor it better.


But like usual it will be down to the wire as I have dropped it off today to get the tune checked and upgraded coils so hopefully I get it back latest wednesday to finish all this stuff off befor friday.


Was pretty hairy had to drive it to my tuners which is on the other side of the world to where I live but got there so touchwood can safely get it home without any unwanted attention...


Should also be getting my new bonnet back from being painted by wednesday so busy week left ahead for me...

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Got a phone call today to go pick up ny new bonnet that has jus been sprayed.


Its cf but the clear was fukd and since il drive this on the street every now and then at least it wont stick out like dogs balls.


iv got tomorrow off so hopefully I get my car back so I can throw this on and get back to finishing it up





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Who would have thought it could get any worse.


Was 10 mins away from my tuners and he called me. On its second power run the hg blew again and the rad pipe blew off the rad. Needless to say his dyno room is now covered in coolant. f**k!


Got there and we couldnt even start it as it was water locked.


I got the car towed home to tear it down and see wtf happened. I was hoping just another hg and maybe stretched head studs. Nope, the block blew apart between 2 and 3 cylinder and has f**ked my pistons. This happened 2 days prior to matsuri, couldnt believe it. I contemplated so many things but nothing was going to get me there.








So the next questions was do I stay sr or go an engine swap?


After much debate I have decided to give another sr ago, so im building another and make it bulletproof and this time and not have anyone but myself or my tuner touch the car.


The Car is getting setup to run straight e85 and have all cooling mods done befor it hits the track again, im hoping to get out at april but will see how it goes...


New shopping list is...

1000cc inj

Walbro 460lph e85 fp

Haltech plug in

Nismo engine mounts

Cp pistons

Acl bearings


Will see if the rods survived and use them if they did, hopefully the crank is good too, will see when I completely strip it down...


Needed to get some motivation so I decided to quickly throw the bonnet on and see how it looks... pretty happy for $150



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Bonnet looks good man. Not much luck with engines, I would burn the car haha.

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Cheers mate.... yeh not atm... 4th engine iv gone through in 2 yrs(3 rb30s I built sr20)... but this will be the first time I have a fresh 1 myself and I know the work done will be no corners cut.


Going to look at a standard motor this weekend hopefully and get the build started.


Yeh that thought did go through my head a few times lol

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So plans have changed... not going built sr, something popped up too cheap to say no!


I have just secured a 2jz with clutch, r154, 3582r, full fuel system and plenty more. Its pretty much a drop in package for the 14.


Hopefully will have it next weekend so need to pull my finger out this week and pull the rest of the drivetrain and start selling all that gear off. So if any1 wants anything hit me up, il make a tread in the for sale sec soon.


so doubt il make another drift day till prob winter mats if im lucky but will be worth it...


I also picked up today of an older friend of mine a genuine TRD race side exhaust. You cannot buy these, you can only get one if you race for TRD so pretty chuffed with the find... its from the 90s so tryin to figure out what its actually for... maybe a supra? The inlet is 3" should sound pretty killer jus hope I dont bend it 😔






will have to do a sneaky shot next time the car hits the ground...

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Cheers man, I kno 2js better than any other motor and never had a prob with any so in my eyes it wasn't a tuff decision...


Looks like the exhaust could be off the old ma70 trd supra but trying to get it confirmed...

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