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Cheers, i had it 30mm lower but the sump sits too close to the ground so i had to raise it lol


You got a build thread? I Will have to check it out... ohh yeh agreed, gotta luv crackin that gate!


The full tune cant come quick enough, i was literaly using 10-15mm throttle or it would go to boost cut under 3k lol

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Haha yeah I cracked my front bar getting down the driveway last weekend so it was 15mm for me lol


Nah, no thread, too much pain and nobody would read it these days lol, pics not hosted etc. sadly. Should PM you some photos tho


Keep posting man, been good to follow

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Lol... #lowlyf


Ohh really yeh i know but you should get one up anyway, only way to try and bring back activity... this is still more active than sf.com.au 😣 but send through some pics for sure


Thanks, trying to keep it interesting... hopefully jus gets better and better!


I re insulated and re ran the wires i had rubbed at sandown, hopefully want get touched now!




The front coilovers that have been modified for the 2j seem to need alittle more tweaking as i was binding when turning into turn 1...






i gave shockworks a call and its booked in next week so we can go over it, asses what needs tweaking and go from there!

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Over the last week i have jus been doing some aesthetic mods to the car, its nearly how i would like it, just a couple more things befor she goes to paint and il be happy with the look...


I bought a Gt wing years ago and origanly toyed with the idea of putting it on the 31 lol it didnt eventuate as i sold it befor getting around to it, so i thought its time to put it to good use.


I didnt like the original mounts it came with so i made my own with my trustee 4" grinder and 10mm ally...




I gave them a coat with flat black to break it up alittle and added plates underneath to bolt to and spread the force out across the boot...




I have also had a uras body kit sitting around so i decided to throw that on too!


So here she is as it sits atm, shouldnt be too long till the rest rocks up and i finish it off ready for paint!









I did another sandown day today to continue running the motor in, car was solid all day and didnt have any issues!


So il call my tuner tomorrow and book it in for a tune next saturday, any takers on what she will pull?

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So it was finaly tune time!


We went down to see Simon @ Nt performance and threw her on the rollers!


When Simon lifted the rev limit and let her scream for the first time, i went gitty like a school girl! After playing with the fuel maps etc he let her rip and it went to 165kw and chalked the tyres. hahaha The graph looked like a toddler drew on some paper with crayons lol


So we tried strappin it down more, lowered the tyre pressures, my brother and i sat in the boot while simon maade it fuely af and took the timing from 18 degrees to 8 and it still was lighting them up after 6krpm. The best run we could get was 295rwkw with it chalking the tyres at 6k and spark breaking down @ about 5-5.5k onwards. So as it stands its about 320rwkw give or take.


My tuner says in jus 5 degrees timing it will gain 50kws 😲 I hope this link works otherwise il get the vid off my tuner...




I believe the spark breakdown is my alternator not keeping up with all the electrics, so il sus that out this week.


I'll fix a few things and get a vid of it on the street, so glad i went 2j all the hard work and headaches are worth it! now for some skids! Hopefully i get into the oct praccy and get to really let it loose!

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On saturday i went down to see paul @ Osaka imports and got a full set of r33 brakes and also went with the r33 handbrake as i took it for a drive and it wasnt pulling up enough with the new setup




Gave them a paint and chucked them on






Then today i started test fitting the flares i got a couple weeks ago, i didnt order spacer yet as i wasnt sure how wide i needed so borrowed some 50mm's from a mate of mine.










Its going in for a wheel alignment on tuesday so i left it at that. Ill order some spacers this week and when they come in ill start chopping the gaurds up and rivet them on.


I got into october prac day... pretty keen to let this loose for the first time thats for sure!

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So close man... Always something to sort out when it hits the dyno tho, hopefully an easy fix.


Keep strapping it down and turn up the boost already haha 💪

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This is bad ass, makes me wish I finished my 2JZ S13


Cheers mate you know its never too late! Haha


So close man... Always something to sort out when it hits the dyno tho, hopefully an easy fix.


Keep strapping it down and turn up the boost already haha 💪


Yeh true that, thankfully only minor this time unlike my usual luck 😂


To try an save on some strain with the gbox untill i find something appropriate im gona leave it where it is atm, its prob alittle more than my first est of 320rwkw prob more 350ishkw



She is now all aligned as i took it down to Seven auto to get it driving straight





I got my spacers this week so iv started to fit the flares up. I took acouple of befor an afters without the flares to show how much wider she will be...
















This weekend will be chop chop time but im starting to think i shouldve gone 70mm flares but see how we go!

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Cant beat a bit of wide body!


Oh and it is too late when you no longer own a drift car or any 2JZ items for that matter haha I will be building something special one day when I move over to Oz that's for sure!

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Cant beat a bit of wide body!


Oh and it is too late when you no longer own a drift car or any 2JZ items for that matter haha I will be building something special one day when I move over to Oz that's for sure!


Ooohhh yesss!


Damn yeh maybe alittle lol... nice, gl with it all.


Uncle chop chop decided to make a visit this weekend, ran into a fair few dramas with clearance... after more cutting and massaging with a 4lbs hammer and changing back to 17s on the front, we seem to be not catching anywhere but will find out once on full lock at the footwells...






Ended up choppin out abit more than this but you get the idea




And here she is now, il give her a wash and take better shots later...








Now with the 17s






I took it for a strap around a private closed road and its pretty good clearance wise but still needs a tweak here an there


I do have a vid but for some reason its not uploading, il try an sus out whats going on


Things to do still are

Make a plate do the wires dont rub in drivers guard

Seal rear quarters(in car)

Make a shifter surround plate

Bolt passenger harness in

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Hopefully this works, heres alittle clip of when i was making sure i wasnt scrubbin



Edited by Major

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Last sunday was vicdrifts run the wall praccy @ Calder park, i started off the day having massive scrubbing issues which was expected from flaring it without really testing much.


The inner guards on the rear were chewing out the rears, which turns out it might have been from the coilovers, so chris from shockworks has re-valved them and we will see how they go at winton next weekend!


The fronts were binding near and on full lock at the footwells so i ended up raising it abit to accommodate... im going to try to run a touch more castor and see if that helps.


The battery was cactus so ended up dying jus after i ran out of fuel in the last session lol... need to get that fuel gauge hooked up!


Apart from those issues the car was a dream to steer! And the power is amazing, theres basicly no lag and just a rush of power. Sorry to those i held up earlier on when i was sorting these things out!


Heres a acouple pics






I came in abit hot on turn 2 from tryin a backy and ended up ripping the rear side of the bar off




Drift stitched back together




And here is a vid my mate threw together with abit of the footage



By the last couple of sessions i had to do some cool down laps as she was getting to 104°. To try and help it im going to flush the cooling system and try some water wetter and iv also done some ducting to help push more air through the rad instead of going around.


So keen for winton next weekend, its been too long!

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nothing worth having comes easy man.

great perseverance.

I see alot of good times ahead man.

well done

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If only hey! Lol cheers mate and yeh we are close to having a solid car but Unfortunately my overheating issues continued from the get-go at winton, i would get 1 lap and straight to 104deg. I tried heater on and do some cool down laps but it would keep rising.


Come into the pits let it cool down abit and try to bleed it to see if there were air pockets, go out next sesh and same thing �� did 4 seshs with 4 laps packed up and went home.


Even though i had flushed the cooling system it wasnt enough and when i came home my rad was completely blocked up. Looks like the heater core has had alot of gunk build up and blocked my rad.


This week i have been flushing and flushing and flushing with front loader laundry powder to clear the system out and iv taken my rad down to race rads in dande to cut it open and clean it out.


Il have one more flush tomorrow and install the lower temp thermostat i have just got and wait for the rad to come back hopefully next week.


With the 4 laps i still got some of feedback on what still needs tweeking. I have a slight understeering issue which im not sure whether its the coils/tires/tire size/wheel alignment. Atm im running a 215/45/17 atr achilles, i have just changed them to 215/45/17 pheonix lassa and also getting the front coils revalved and poss higher spring rate.


Apart from that she seems like shes ready to blaze tyres and is a dream to drive, just gotta get seat time!


Driftx is next, see if i get in, have a solid weekend and start pushing the car to see whats shes got!


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So i found the source of my heating issue...




This is the photo from Race Rads in dande... only thing i can think of it coming from is the heater core as its the only thing that isnt new in the car.


Now iv finished flushing the rest of the system and its coming out clear, i purchased a lower temp thermostat, put that in and shes running again!


Friday i dropped off my front coilovers @ shockworks for chris to work his magic. He ended up only re-valving them for now. Il see how they go @ Driftx... Pretty sure they will be fine now as thats all the rears needed, iv chucked the new steer tyres are on also so hopefully she'l be pretty grippy upfront.


Im doin 1 more thing go the car befor driftx and thats installing a gearbox cooler. After alot of research i found that alot of gbox problems occur from overheating and the box expanding too much. Once the gears expand past their tolerance, they dont mesh properly and kaboom. Considering im only running a standard r154 i think its the best option to try and keep it from grenading but only time will tell.

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I got everything this week for the gbox cooler and started to put it all in...


It consists of a

marine pump which flows 14Lpm

-8 Speedflow barbed fittings

-8 Heat resistant rubber lines

Pwm controller to control the flow


Went together pretty easy, il put a temp sensor in there when i get more time.


When i dropped the gbox oil it backed up my theory, this oil is basicly 1 track day old.












I also picked up a full set of driftworks drop knuckles which i should get tomorrow but i wont have time to put them in befor DriftX so they can wait till i do my k frames over the summer.

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Nice man... let us know how you go with the cooling dramas... same with mine, flushed 52mm rad and twin spal push fans. I can keep it cool on e85 only... temps flare on 98 tho.


Interesting gearbox solution, keen to see if that works aye


Keep the updates coming 👍

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Cheers mate :D ...


Cooling dramas continued, wasnt overheating but the filter i put in kept blocking up after 1 session after 3 sessions of the same thing blocking/drop fluid/clean/rebleed i decided to bypass the heater core and it stopped. So looks like a new heater core is in order...


I cant wait to get a e85 tune in her but il have to sort out other stuff first :(


She was fine after that unless i was on it for a couple continous laps then do half a cooldown and could go again.


DriftX was epic, the car was going amazing, i ended up snapping 2 cv's on the x over and last session sat night the box ended up destroying 3rd gear. 🤔 she bogged down and i got abit excited and ended up giving it a whopping clutch dump instead of jus kickin it and boom bye bye 3rd lol. The adjusment to the front coilovers was really good, the car dosent dive now and it has alot more grip in the front.


So i was in 2 minds of whether to rip the box out of the grey car and put it in the white 1 but i ended up jus takin the grey car since it hasnt sold instead as i wouldnt have had time to do the swap at mine.


Sunday i just chilled and had some fun trying different lines etc


Ended up going through 16 tyres, if the white one had of kept going i would ran out lol


So now im tossing up whether to put a dog box in it, im going to sus another r154 this weekend but if this one blows il have to look into something thats going to take the abuse...


Heres a few pics that have come through


My new sticker :)












Iv pulled the box out already and im going to pull it apart tomorrow and asses the damage aswell as send the rad off again to get cleaned ffs. Its not as bad as last time but i want it right.

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Its been awhile between updates but after driftx the box was gone with 3rd being destroyed...




It took awhile to decide which way to go but i ended up going with a tr6060 with a dcs twin plate 1000hp clutch that came with the conversion






Here iv got the box in mocking up for the mount and tailshaft






Tailshaft done and in




Heres the hydro i decided to go with, now jus need some hardline, fittings and calipers to finish it off




This weekend i got around to getting the driftworks drop knuckles in with the maverick twin caliper adaptor plates, once iv finished it off then i can drop it back on the ground and see what adjustments to the coilovers need to be done.


I had to modify the rear knuckles slightly to allow the axels to spin





Adaptors on




Rears on




Fronts on




This week il run around and get the little things i need and hopefully have it runnin again next weekend

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With the prac day coming up next weekend the easter break couldnt have come at a better time. Haha


The twin caliper mount ended up being a pain in the ass to fit, i had to cut some of my camber arm where the bolt mounts to the knuckle, shave down the heads of the 2 top bolts on the calipers, change the bottom to allen key heads and also get mustang cobra rear rotors. With that said and done its all mounted and i have made the lines for the handbrake. Il get them flared this week and put em in.


Loving the hydro, keen to use it thats for sure!




Just fluids, bleed the clutch/ hydro then get a wheel alignment and its time for skids!

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Well calder prac day didnt really go to plan, basicly got 3 laps for the day and broke 8x 6 bolt shafts... so back to the drawing board...


I have now upgraded the rear end to 5bolt shafts and kaaz 2way 3.9 ratio with 10mm shaft spacers and that has seened to do the trick for now as i went to the Primal drift day and it didnt skip a beat the whole day!


So stoked with how it drove, the new driftworks drop knuckles are great to drive with, it will be interesting to see how the ratio goes at calder in a couple weeks.


Heres a vid on the skidpan



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