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super clean JDM 1999 s15

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Hi guys so after all the years of being a s chassis owner and dreaming of owning a jdm s15.The day has finally came.

So i bought myself a jdm s15 after a year plus of looking for a relatively stock one with low kms good history etc



JDM Nissan silvia s15


After market Low mount manifold

After market Dump pipe

2.5inch Exhaust

Cat back

braided turbo lines

turbo smart boost T( only running half a bar )

mushroom filter soon to be a pod filter

Bc coilovers all round

Rear swing arms ( Unsure on brand haven't hosited the car as of yet )

Viper alarm system

Concave wheels

annd dont let me forget a button clutch... the worst fukn thing i have ever driven with.. i dont understand how some of you people rate them they are the absolute worst things ever..... HD clutch coming soon :P!



cj sr.jpg




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Looks nice but why is it running less boost than standard???

reads on the boost gauge just above 0.5bar so yeah roughly exactly 7-8 ?

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